What Is Corporate Performance Management?

Corporate Performance Management (or CPM) is an umbrella term used to describe software applications that automate your business’s non-transactional processes – specifically picking up where your ERP system leaves off. Typically, organizations start by using personal productivity tools like spreadsheets to manage processes like budgeting, forecasting and reporting. But unlike spreadsheets, Axis’s software combines these processes and gives you the ability to develop and implement a broader vision of your company’s performance.

Axis Provides a Foundation To Realize Your Cpm Vision

Implementing a CPM solution may seem like a daunting task. But very few of our customers do everything at once. With Axis you can grow. Start by replacing spreadsheets for your annual budgeting exercise and then use Axis for the specific needs of your business. Needs that cannot be met by spreadsheets alone.

Ask Yourself: Does Your Finance Department

  • use a combination of spreadsheets or homegrown products to manage the budgeting process, consolidate results or provide rudimentary analytics?
  • spend a great deal of time developing, copying and formulating data into spreadsheets?
  • scramble to provide information – often having to switch between a number of different applications – with the reports lacking consistency and accuracy?
  • struggle to respond quickly to new regulatory or statutory requirements?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, it is very likely that your finance department would find immediate business value with a CPM implementation. But the business value of a performance management deployment can be felt far beyond the office of finance.

With a cpm solution like axis, you can develop a system that will differentiate you from your competition:

  • Link your corporate financial and operational planning processes
  • Enable any number of users to consume and contribute information – without adding complexity
  • Identify areas where increased collaboration can improve business analytics and manage performance more effectively
  • Plan at the required level of detail you need – no matter how granular or how frequent

Without question, we are moving towards a more data-driven culture. Expanded participation and more sophisticated analysis of data results in valuable business insight and increased organizational ability. Let Axis show you how.