Corporate Forecasting/Re-forecasting Tool

Providing better visibility and being able to predict future outcomes with confidence is the objective of forecasting. With the AXIS centralized database, periodic forecasts, i.e. monthly, mid-year, multi-year, and other forecasting needs are only a click away.

There are a number of impediments to effective forecasting; the data is not always reliable or accurate, the data may be obsolete, and/or difficulty coping with changes to external factors that are out of the business’s control.

AXIS offers a number of options to improve forecasting accuracy. What-if analysis, inter-period forecasts, comparing actual to forecasts/budgets, developing rolling forecasts or based on various key performance indicators are all possible with AXIS’s flexible modeling capabilities.  Here's a view of a standard forecast comparison reporting package (keep in mind this is merely a template to serve as an example; reports can easily be configured to meet your specific needs):